More About The UK's Definitive Foo Fighters Tribute

This band was formed in 2003 by Foo Fighters Fans for Foo Fighters fans! Four vastly experienced musicians came together for this project with a passion to recreate the sound of the now legendary Dave Grohl - fronted, American supergroup. Four Fighters can be found playing the most prestigious venues the length and breadth of the UK. Add to that regular multiple appearances at all of the biggest tribute festivals in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe and you could argue that this is the world's ultimate Foo Fighters tribute band! Four Fighters' live shows are explosive events and the band go to every effort to reproduce the raw power and dynamics of the original band.


All of the Foo Fighters studio albums, from their eponymous debut all the way up to the 2014 release, Sonic Highways are represented and given the live treatment by this band. They perform the songs with an energy and passion that only true fans could and perform them in the same way you would see and hear them at a Foo Fighters live show! Crowd favourites like This Is A Call, Stacked Actors, Learn To Fly, Everlong, The Pretender, All My Life, Best Of You, Rope, Something From Nothing, etc, etc are mainstays of the Four Fighters setlist.

On occasion Four Fighters are even known to break out the acoustic guitars too and recreate the Foo Fighters' live acoustic shows...

The Usual Suspects

Dave Grohl Foo fighters tribute

Dave Grohl (Iain Angus)

Iain’s sense of melody and harmony began at a very young age. Pressing play and record simultaneously on his portable cassette player in front of the TV or radio, recording his rock idols from seven-years-old. He eventually moved from his native roots to Bradford to join commercial rock band AURORA as a singer/songwriter. The band enjoyed a modicum of commercial success, culminating in some BBC Maida Vale recording sessions for Radio One’s Rock Show. He fell in love with Foo Fighters properly in 1998 whilst listening to The Colour And The Shape repeatedly in his car. He formed Four Fighters early in 2003 just as a bit of fun and an outlet for playing his expanding collection of Gibson guitars.
Chris Shiflett Foo fighters tribute

Chris Shiflett (Mark Pitchforth)

Mark has been playing for 30 years and studied music at Wakefield college. During his time in the industry he's performed at guitar clinics with Robbie Gladwell, Hugh Burns, Neal Schon and demo'd for Eko and Minarik guitars in Europe and America. This level of guitar majesty is only possible due to his perfectly ironed 'dad' jeans and a stout pair of walking boots.
Nate Mendel Foo fighters tribute

Nate Mendel (Geoff Livermore)

Geoff’s musical education started early with two older brothers and one older sister blasting him with Hendrix, Sabbath, Hawkwind, Zepplin, Elvis, Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Christopher Cross etc until he began to discover his own shizzle. A veteran musician who’s been playing since the age of 14 (he should really be a lot fricking better!) he has released albums and CD’s with bands like Excalibur and Leafeater and has toured Britain and Europe with such bands as Saxon, Metal Church, New Model Army and The Bluetones to name a few. His first exposure to the Foo Fighters was watching the I’ll Stick Around video on MTV when it came out, but like Iain it was The Colour & The Shape that really caught him! He’s been with Four Fighters since they started, despite Iain’s best efforts to get rid of him he just refuses to leave. He also likes a beer…… or two!
Sam Martin Foo fighters tribute

Taylor Hawkins (Sam Martin)

Sam started playing at the age of 5, trying to copy the chops of Stewart Copeland on the couch with wooden spoons. He grew up listening to bands such as The Police, Level 42, Steely Dan etc and finally joined a band at 17. At which point he went on tour and is yet to return home. He has been a professional teacher and session drummer for 14 years and during his illustrious career, worked with artists such as Alvin Stardust and Robert Plant. Sam is the long-standing drummer for Scott Matthews

Extended Family

Taylor Hawkins Foo fighters tribute

Taylor Hawkins (Ric White)

Our long standing Hawkins recently departed, after almost a decade, to concentrate on his own band Superintendent.
Dan Westbrooke Foo fighters tribute

Nate Mendel (Dan Westbrooke)

Dan 'Daddy' 'Danny Punchcock' Westbrooke, was a frequent bass stand in between 2009 - 2014. His 'interesting' personality, attention to detail, strong nose and self-proclaimed "bass-thedral" bass tone, left an unforgettable mark (stain) on the Four Fighters experience. It is said that the day the sun turns black and pickled eggs flow like fine wine, he shall returneth 'pon the back of a chocolate labrador* (*disclaimer - will return 'at the drop of a hat' possibly atop a shih tzu).
Cameron from Terrorvision

Taylor Hawkings (Cameron from Terrorvision)

We're very lucky to have the magnificent talents of Cameron from Terrorvision on hand to help us out when Sam is on the road with his husband.
Rick Foo fighters tribute

Nate Mendel (Rick Packham)

Rick has been playing bass for 15 years, with influences ranging from Dirk Lance (formerly of Incubus) through to the overly widdly noodlings of Billy Sheehan. Whilst his background has been primarily in original metal bands, he currently features in the function / wedding cover band "The Cover Up". Away from music, Rick enjoys working on becoming multi-lingual, and boasts Italian, German, French, Belgian, Dutch and Dubaiy in his impressive repertoire of fluent tongue.
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